When did you first realise you got feelings for your girlfriend? maybe even in love with her?

  • Early on
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  • It developed over time
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  • After getting to know her
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  • Other
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  • You can only claim to be in love with her after your claim is tested by
    Getting to know her and bad shit about her. I mean her ex's, attitude, idiot makeup and all that stuff but
    If you still stay there for her and endure it all just for her then YOU LOVE HER otherwise its just the LUST enhanced by hot booty and her mysterious behavior, which you like to conquer.

  • I knew on the first date that she was something special. Two or three dates in I knew I wanted her in my life. We were on a strictly friends with benefits arrangement and she was about to move away in a few months so i never mentioned it. Then a month or so later she confessed she had strong feelings for me so we agreed to be exclusive. But shortly after that we said our goodbyes thinking we wouldn't see each other again... i met her when she came back for her graduation about a month later and we agreed that id come visit her. When I was there we said ee loved each other, booked a holiday together and now im about to move abroad with her

  • Knowing my ex on the first date. For real, every one!


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