If you got any idea what is wrong with me or what I should do. Then please give me your advice. It will be highly appreciated?

It's been 2yrs since my break-up. Now she is happily married. And I in the other hand can't forget her.
She was the first girl I fell for. My first girlfriend. Was with her for 9yrs. I loved her. I have never cared about anyone, like the way I cared for her. Then she cheated on me. We broke up.
After that I tried everything, and have reached a point where I can live my daily life without breaking down. We had common friends, and now i have distanced myself from them. I have distanced myself from everything that could remind me of her. I even changed my job. Changed my city.

Now even after 2yrs, I don't want to look at any other girl. I haven't tried dating. Or hookups. I haven't been laid since the breakup. I never felt like it. I don't want to.
But there is this void. It feels like it will never go away. No matter what I do. I feel lonely. I feel alone. I feel useless.


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  • well it is time to try at least talk to someone.

    • I can't even look into a female's eyes. I can't do it.

    • It is okay. You are still going through the loss including your friends, perhaps very depressed about the outcome that you didn't imagine to ever happen to you. Maybe another couple months you will be over her completely, only if you are willing to say "this ex is not meant for me and there is someone out there in my new city, who is just right for me. I won't give up until I meet her". In the meantime, keep being optimistic even the good little things about yourself (your sense of humor, your smile, your kindness, your undying love) and focus on building new friendships. Please dont give up hope and keep on grooving.

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  • Damn, talk about lovestruck. You sir, have just learned one of the most important lessons about the creatures we call "women"... ever heard of the term, "don't put all your eggs in one basket"... or "necessary evil"... they could be necessary, but they are still evil.
    Women want a man to love her with all his heart, but when their heart changes, they don't give a shit about yours... and now you have learned that.
    So move on sir... move on knowing that you can love the next girl dearly, but never do it completely. not too many women these days are ride or die. They just want what they want for the moment until something (someone) "better" comes along.

    Or, be like me... dont be the chaser... let her chase you lol.

    • Sounds good to read. But I got no confidence.

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    • No. I don't even know what that is.

    • Well, that would explain the reason why you are so hung up on this girl... probably used her as a confidence boost and when she left, she took it all with her. You tried doing all the external things people do, but you can't get rid of the internal that easy. The easiest way will be to find another confidence boosting girl... but that too may be temporary, so you might wanna work on it yourself first.
      My confidence boost, at its extreme, sounds like "fuck you i know what im doing/saying"... Like you know what YOU bring to the table.. and you challenge the other person to match it because you feel yours is better.
      Its not a good description, but i didn't wanna look up the dictionary.

  • Date, Date, and more dates till you are sick of it. Eventually you'll find her or she will find you. The whole reason for doing this is self Discovery!


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