My ex says he misses me and is really thinking about our breakup. Should I be hopeful for a second chance?

I cheated on my now ex boyfriend, so we broke up. He says he misses me and cares about me, and I am currently going to counseling per his suggestion to work on some issues I have. We started texting again after a week with no communication, and he says he misses me and even said he drove by my house on his way from work because he was thinking about me. I want him back and am willing to work, but I just don't know if I should even bother to hold onto hope here.


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  • If he has any common sense he should have kept up the no communication and deleted you from his life. Hopefully he gets some sound advice from friends and family and can quit you.

  • In my opinion no its never good to try things again they didn't work out in the first place for a reason right?


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