What is that supposed to be?

I have a girl. 2 weeks ago we got into our first argument about she being jealous of a friend of mine, she accused me of making her get jealous and annoying her, now it is true i did so but only to get her attention becuase for a week before she gave me no attention at all, not even a message for days, she only talks when i message her and then says bye being busy. She blocked me for 2 weeks in every way. Today i messaged her from my moms phone. This is what she told me. Hi jaafar, have Missed you too But. That doesn't matter anymore you wanted me to get jealous and wanted to Annoy me and if you really Would be sorry about that you Would have Write me earlier Dont want to Talk to you anymore Maybe in a few days or Weeks But Not Now and Maybe we will Never talk again. I apologized i begged and all but she blocked me again. I told my friend to talk to her, blocked and humiliated him, verbally assulted me then blocked me again. Is she a poisonous person or just not interested anymore.
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What is that supposed to be??
What is that supposed to be?
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