Is my ex trying to make a comeback?

Ex broke up with me a while back. We do go to the same gym so we see each other a lot. Was hot and cold, flirted with other guys in front of me... technically played a lot of mind games in the beginning of the break up. Which was 4 months ago.

Now, things have gotten quite unusual. Whenever I talk to a girl, she would stare and whisper with her girlfriends. My friends and I definitely agree that she is stalking me at the gym, doing the classes that she usually doesn't do, which is something I do. Stares at me. Last week, she liked my instagram post but didn't like the one this week.

Other people have even noticed her bizarre behavior. They have noticed how she would whisper to her girlfriends when a girl would be flirting with me.

Odd story, I was talking to my guy friend and we fooled around. One girl laughed at us. And one of my friends saw at a distance that my ex and her girlfriend were whispering while looking at that girl.

She was the one who broke up with me and played all the mind games. Why is she all jealous and always in my personal space?
Is my ex trying to make a comeback?
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