Should I let him leave or try to stop him?

me & this boy we went out for 1 year & I broke up with him for a stupid reason..& a couple of months passed & I still love him a lot & he feels the same for me & he told me he's moving to another state because of me & I've cried so much & I don't know what to do. should I let him leave or try to stop him


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  • He's moving to another state BECAUSE of you? Sorry but that sounds a little bit nuts. First make sure you want to be with someone who would do something that extreme and impulsive. Make sure he's not blaming you or trying to make you take responsibility for what HE does, because those are red flags. It's his life and his decisions, and he shouldn't try to make you feel guilty.

    If you have had problems in the relationship, then let him go. He might try to call your bluff and get back with you, but you can do better without that kind of guy.

    However, if the relationship was actually good, then just tell him how you feel. If he's understanding, that's a good sign, but if he tried to throw it back in your face, then trust me, just walk away.


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  • Try to stop him if its true love nothing beats true lovee

  • You shouldn't stop him or tell him what to do. Just let him know what your feelings are


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