Did I do the right thing?

There is this guy, he was flirting with me but he has a long term girlfriend and he was also a player so I wasn't interested. Plus, I was in love with my crush. One day I decided to move on cos I knew my crush only like me as a friend :(. At that time, the player guy comforted and listened to all my stuffs and we went out for drinks and ended up having sex. He still contacted me after that though. At first, I was just thinking' I'm just gonna have fun and If it wasn't me it would be someone else'. We keep on texting and meeting a few times after that night. I realised I developed a feeling for him and I told him about it and we had a serious talk. He told me that the more we meet the feeling is getting stronger and he gonna marry his girl one day. So I asked him what was he gonna do about the situation and he didn't know as well. So I told him maybe we should stop seeing each other. He said maybe we will keep a distance but can still talking to each others. However, I feel bad for the girl and I don't want to break my heart again so I decided to blocked his number and social networking. I feel really sad but I think this is the best for everyone :(


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  • Missy218, good for you. You blocked his number, etc. If you had affair with him, his girlfriend would be mad or find out. This guy might just break-up with you at anytime.


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  • you did the right thing! say he ended up having feelings for you & were to leave his girlfriend chances are he would have done the same thing to you that he's doing to her.. why have feelings for a guy who clearly has none, i mean look what he's doing to his poor girlfriend, having sex with other people but wants to marry her one day? thats fucked up! i understand that it takes two people & it isn't entirely your fault but to pursue a man who you know has a girlfriend isn't cool, you say your sad but your causing a lot more sadness to someone else, a lot more hurt than probably what you feel now.. how would you feel if you were to discover that your long term boyfriend had been fucking other girls and the other woman KNEW about you and still did it!

    • I thought the same thing too

    • i think you can take it as a lesson learned, and in the future only get involved with men who are available and want more from you than a good time! you & his girlfriend deserve someone better! good luck girl!

    • Thank you!

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