Why would an ex want to catch up?

Last year in June my ex girlfriend broke up with me which did take me awhile to get over her, we were together for two years and she broke up with me because she said things were different but I believe the real reason why she wanted to break up with me is because she wanted to party and experience new things. Three days ago she text me saying that she wanted to catch but why would she suddenly pop up now?


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  • coz she is bored and suddenly remembered you. are you over her?

    • I got over her quite awhile ago, I'm just curious what she gains from meeting me a year later. Should I meet her than? Thanks for the reply.

    • if you want to, why not? for old time's sake.

  • Did you meet anyone new since her?
    Are you okay being an option... oh I realized the grass isn't greener... Now crawling back?

    I had that and yes I have a lot of pride. My ex wanted to see what's out there... I said once he leaves to not expect to come back. He chose to leave. He has gone through 4 gfs. he was with my over 10 years...
    I have a very good boyfriend.
    Always look forward, if she didn't vaule u...
    Who cares why she is calling now. Maybe to raise her baby? Whom you are not the father... Just saying... Really... What's important to you now? Meet a woman who love you back with respect or go back to her?


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  • She just broke up with someone, she is lonely, and she has some fond memories of you. Maybe she just wants to have sex. There's one way you are guaranteed to find out!

    • Thanks for the reply mate I appreciate it. Hopefully that happens lol.

  • Bro you know why, the grass isn't always green'er on the other side, most likely she wanted to try out some n** Dick, she became ill and got infected with Jungle Fever, probably from watching to many rap videos, and now Jerome is being a House n** to her, and the smell of relaxer and the feeling of Velcro is getting old, so she is looking to secure back with you before she bounces. seems like y'all broke up on good terms or what I mean is y'all's break up was civil like., Anyways before she bounces from Jermaine, she is trying to secure a relationship with you, that way the is no waiting period, the turn around time is very minimal. Girls hate being alone for any period of time. So before you take her back, double check my theory, because if she has been banging black dudes, your really playing with fire, you health is at risk then, and make sure she is not pregnant either! Have her take an STD test before you stick it back in, promise me.

  • She wants the D


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