Need advice About the guy I was dating?

so short story , I was dating this guy for about 4 months.. we hung out everyday like we were boyfriend and girlfriend. Anyways I saw he was flirting with some girl and cut him off. Two months later he came back apologizing saying not a day went by he didn't think of me.. so we tried it again.. for about 1 1/2 more months. I kept getting tired on waiting for him to make it official and we stopped seeing each other as often. So he came over and finally told me he felt like he had to much on his plate with work , school, and he takes care of all his siblings.. he said he has feelings for me it was just the "wrong time". So as hard as it was we let go.. flash forwards two months later with NO CONTACT he adds me on Instagram.. he tells me he wants to be on good terms and to hit him up here and there.. so I was replying with short responses like "ok you too". And he said ofcourse he'll hit me up.. so couple days pass and I search him up and see he deleted me.. so I'm like whatever I'm over this.. I checked again couple days after and he BLOCKED ME. Like why? What is the point of all this? And we are both 21 fyi:: Andy advice to put my mind at rest?


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