Do I wish my ex a happy birthday yes or no even if I have been yelled at by her after breaking up? I am the dumped boyfriend and I care so much for her. Y/N?

I didn't mean to ever have her be so hard on me after our relationship was over I just cared for her with all my heart now it seems like I kind of meant nothing to her, I want to patch things up I couldn't imagine my life without her. I didn't do anything wrong but she claims I did use her and wasn't compatible with her even though we got along so well. Her bday is today
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  • Forget about her it's time to move on !

    • Thanks I didn't wish her a happy birthday, she didn't deserve it and I already apologized for all that I did wrong, and she didn't forgive me and claimed she was over me in 2 hours after breaking up, she thinks I am some kind of person I am not, and depicts me as a jerk, lol I couldn't hurt a fly. my hearts too big...

    • Yes u deserve better and... thank u !

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  • Don't do it, let her go

  • So weird. Do what you feel is right.


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