Did my ex boyfriend plan on getting back with me after he slept with his ex?

My boyfriend told an ex girlfriend that he slept with that we were on a "break," when we were actually broken up and had been for a while. Does that mean he planned on getting back together with me?


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  • He's a dick, wouldn't even waste on a cheater.

    • Umm I'm sorry but he didn't cheat on me.. he simply told another woman we were on a break when we were broken up and had been. I'm wondering if that meant he thought he was getting back with me.

    • Why tell a female we was on a break, that only gets said when wanting sex with Some one. Anyways your single why waste time, live and enjoy life

    • Exactly. But then wouldn't he have said we were broken up? HE said were on a break, im confused to how that gets you laid instead of just saying we were broken up? We were!

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