My girlfriend left me and now I'm in a bad place. What do I do?

I met this girl before I graduated high school and we dated for 6 almost 7 months. During the summer it was amazing we were madly in love and she cared so much about me. I got to know her family and her parents really liked me. When school started for her again things got bad though. She took all advanced courses and band. We ended up not being able to see each other and band practices are everyday till 7pm which gives her barely anytime to do homework so she ended up putting off things just to talk to me. On top of that there's also football season and she's stuck at games till past 10 on Fridays. I was getting emotional too because I started working nights at a walmart to keep me occupied until my shipping date for the USAF, but I also had family drama going on which resulted me moving out of my dad's. 2 days ago we were talking and I was telling her how I was finally gonna make more time to talk to her and just be there for her, but she was stressed that day and told me "I have friends" to remind me she wasn't alone. I took it too hard thinking she didn't care about me and didn't respond for 10 minutes (snapchat btw). This pissed her off and she said "thanks for responding" and broke up with me because she was stressed and wanted to talk to me , but she just didn't have the time for a relationship and didn't want to hold me back from meeting someone "better" in the Air Force. Since then I've just lost it all and I'm extremely upset because this girl made me so happy. I stopped showing up to work, I haven't eaten in the last 24 hours, I slept all day, there's family drama, and now I have no motivation to stay positive and prepare for basic training. She said she would always love me and shed keep in touch with me and may try to date me again after school ends, but not anytime soon. I promised her that Id come back for her because I loved her so much and wanted to marry her. She told me not to be afraid to date meanwhile, but I can't see anyone beating her.
I want to add that she is letting me write letters to her at basic training, but that's 2 months away. I also got to keep her blanket and jacket which are valuable. I love this girl and her family and I want to see them still. I hope that when football season is over band will slow down and she can do homework and I can hang out with her again before I leave. Maybe just maybe we can have a connection again too.


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  • Awe that's sad but she does have a point just dip into the pool for a bit and date maybe this will make you realize you have even more stronger feelings for her when she's finished school you guys can always try again for family drama try to not get to involved in it also eat something i know what this feels like to love someone and them leaving you can't eat or sleep just lost but it will get all better soon promise ☺
    Don't let this effect your life it's just a little bump in the road just get back up today is a new day so fresh new start


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