Is crying for no reason okay?

As a guy, I usually don't share my feeling with too many people.

And there are times where I just break down and cry when I'm alone, even if moments before I may have been happy.

I was just wondering if crying for no reason at all is okay? And if I'm not the only one to do so...

Side Note: Yes I go to a therapist already for misc. other things.


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  • happens to me all sometimes. Even as a girl, I hardly ever cry and NEVER in front of other people. But sometimes when I'm alone, not even sad, something will just trigger it and I'll cry for no reason. And then I'm perfectly fine again. Is that the sort of thing you're talking about?

    My brother does this sort of therapy called mayofasial release (spelling?), which is a sort of massage therapy that releases the mayofasial that builds up in your tissue from holding in emotion. It's an actual chemical that makes a physical change when you hold in your emotions because instinctually, when we're upset, we're supposed to cry and let it out because that releases the mayofasial chemical. It's an evolutionary adaptation. But society teaches us to hold in our emotions, which causes the buildup of mayofasial that can cause not only physical damage but emotional damage as well. That's why people with depression often have joint or back pain.

    So sometimes, all you really need is a good cry. As long as you're in private, I'd say it's a good thing.


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  • There's always a reason for crying. You might be happy/sad; you might have dropped the couch on your toe; you might be allergic to the flowers you bought your girl. Crying is just a natural way for your body to let off some proverbial steam. It's a natural release.

  • I get what you mean. I think it's okay, it's most likely BECAUSE you don't share your feelings with people.

    I'll be honest, I have only one friend and he hates talking. I don't let anyone know what I'm feeling, and I try to keep the 'happy' facade all the time. But because I don't let anyone know anything, and don't talk to people, I'll break down at the oddest of moments.

    Crying for not reason? Sure it's okay, but there probably is a reason. Most of the time it's due to stress build up, and people like myself just burst into tears. I won't know why, it just suddenly happens. So no, you aren't alone.

    And I don't think there is a problem with it. It's not really avoidable- to cry suddenly.

    Hope this helped!

    • Aha, I'm the same way. My best friend is always there for me, but she can't always be free to talk and aside from her, I have no one else.

      And that happy facade is all too familiar to me as well.

      And it helps to know that I'm not going crazy and I am not alone in this situation.

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    • Yeah, but I did have to trudge through all the other people who abused my friendship with them and I was lucky to have even found her. Yet, I could only talk to my best friend every few weeks, due to how busy we've been.

      And happiness? Hmm, I have no idea how or where to find happiness. I just got out of a third horrible relationship, unstable family (problems included), and just an unsure future as well as present.

      I should be asking you how to find happiness... laugh out loud. I'm lost.

    • Wow. Talk about the same page. If I find out how to be happy, I'll tell you. Sorry about your family problems, I hope they get fixed and what not. That's one of my major stress causes. That and financial issues, blah.

      I wish you the best of luck!

  • It could mean you may be depressed, if there are any big changes or desisions in your life that you haven't expressed to other people. In fact its perfectly normal to do so, think of it like this:

    your problems and emotions are like water, you are the bottle, if you keep those thoughts in they will come bursting out when you least expect them :)

    hope I helped and good luck

  • Breaking down and crying is a one way 2 make you feel better. Its fine. :D

  • It sounds like you might be depressed. People don't cry for no reason...

  • Crying is just a release of emotion, it isn't a bad thing. Just make sure you figure out what is the reason for the tears.

    Oh, and don't do it a lot in front of girls. I don't mind if a guy cries in front of me when his dog dies, but he should not cry if I give him a bad look. That gets old fast.

    • Laugh out loud, I don't cry in public or in front of people. Usually just when I'm alone.

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  • Well sometimes I feel said and I will cry. I sometimes feel lonely because I am shy.

  • i do that too. basically same senerio. I don't share my feelings either and ocasinally I cry for no specific reason. and I think its fine.

    • Haha, one time I burst into tears at work. my poor boss was freaking out, asking me what was wrong frantically.

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    • Haha good for you. It was the first time I'd ever cried in public, and it was an unwelcome weird feeling.

    • Id be very embarassed in public. haha

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