The ex girlfriend wants my attention?

I met her at the gym. Hit it off well. Broke up with me 4 months ago saying she needed space. Tried to fight for her once and just went straight to no contact. She didn't like the idea that I was doing no contact. She started to play games like flirt with guys in front of me, being hot and cold, and always staring at me.

Now, she a lot more unusual. Whenever I walk to any girl at the gym, she would always stare at us or position herself better to see me talking to the girl. According to my friend, If I do something silly, a girl would laugh, my ex would be whispering to her girlfriend while staring at the girl. She is always staring whenever I talk to a girl. Even new people that I meet at the gym, they have noticed that she is staring at me.

What I found to be odd was she 'liked' one of my instagram post last week but not this week! And still looks through all my instagram stories.

What is up with her behavior?


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  • lol dude, how many times are you gonna post the same crap over and over again?

  • Leave exes in the past


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