My ex says he wants to be friends?

He broke up with me one night and the next day texted me " can we be friends " . I said no. Does that mean he is absolutely over the relationship if he so calmly just wants to be friends? Please give me some opinions (esp guys ) . It's been a week of no contact.


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  • He's horny. You will not be friends even if he suggests or agrees to it. Never have anything to do with an ex. You're fucking up just by listening


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  • He wants to be "friends" with benefits, to string you along, to make you plan B, to use you as an ego booster, to be his emotional punching bag, his therapist, his fall back when the pasture turned out not greener after all. DO NOT CONTACT HIM. let him come to you. He left you, let him deal with the loss of you.


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