Where to go from here with my ex?

I didn't talk to my ex for a month after we broke up..he text me and called me here and there but I just needed time after everything happened. I decided to email him yesterday just to see how he is doing. He text.."I am so sorry for the way things ended...I still have a lot of love for you and care a lot about you...I tried to call you and text you after everything happened but you wanted nothing to do with me" I told him I just needed time after everything happened but that this time has given me such a better perspective on our relationship..he said"I just wish after everything happened that we could still be friend, I don't hate you at all I love you and I want you to be part of my families life they miss you and I didn't want you to be out of their life" I told him we could maybe go to coffee and see where it goes from there. He said he would like that and I told him I had to go...later that night he text me "does your family hate me" ...can someone please man translate this convo for me...does he really want to be friends...why does he keep telling me he loves me ...I don't know just trying to play it safe so I don't get hurt again..


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  • hi

    it sounds to me had a strong bond with you because not only you but also because of your family. this happened to me, it hurt the same or more to lose the family; because it was like they became my family.. and I didn't want to lose that.. but with time you do lose contact. and perhaps he accepted it wasn't working but he still loves all of you. I can completely understand him. it doesn't mean he's in love with you or wants a relationship however. he just wants to continue to have you all in his life. it's up to you to decide if you can handle that; if you're still in love with him, this will be difficult. if you can move on or have.. then I don't see why you couldn't be friends. he sounds like a nice guy.


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