Breaking up: What do you think about this?

I received this email from my 2.5 years ex boyfriend after we broke up.
Dear Natt,
I am very sorry that things had to end, but I wanted you to understand why. You were always looking for reasons, and always trying to blame yourself, but this time I won't let you. You did nothing wrong. You were a great friend and girlfriend. When I think back on our time together, there was no time that you did anything to deserve to be treated as badly as I did sometimes. You were always there for me, always by my side, never nagging, never nit picking. You were great, and deserved better than me.
I am sorry that I had to decide what was right for you, and I am not pretending that I know what is best for you, but I can tell you that it wasn't me. You deserve someone to love and respect you as much as you love and respect them, and I am sorry that I couldn't do that for you. I am sorry that I wasted so much of your time because of my selfishness, I just couldn't let you go.
I will always look back on our time together with great fondness and happiness. I loved our travels and adventures, our trials and tribulations (sorry for crashing you on my bike TWICE). I will never forget you, and always care for you. Anything you need, no matter where we are in the world, let me know. I know you will find happiness and all that you deserve. When you do, and when you have what you want, I would love to meet your son or daughter.
Always in my heart,
Breaking up: What do you think about this?
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