My girlfriend visited her ex boyfriend and doesn't talked to me over one week?

First of all: I know him cause i saw him one time and i spoke to him while my relationship to her. And he is a good friend since her childhood. Then i was working 4 testpiece in a masonry. After this work she told me he wanted to seduce her an she refused it.

After our trainee she wanted to visit him. Till then i had an job interview in an other workshop. She had to drive me there cause i don't have a car. But nothing happened while i phoned her. After that she told me she don't have any gasoline to come back to me and her car is in reparation. The boss of the new workshop told me he could take both of us, if we are coming 4 the testpiece working. But with these arguements she doesn't came and i never done a testpiece in this workshop. About this i thought she has his ex as more in priority as me and her career.

Now she is working in a workshop ca. 300km away from me and i don't like any kinds of long distance relationships. Should i break up? I can't trust her anymore. Even if she tells me she don't have cheated on me or being seduced of him. I can't trust her. But i have to belief her. What should i do? Work 4 myself as a single and break up, try to save the relationship and come to her? Or should i try it with a long distance relationship, while i think it doesn't have any future?


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  • I skimmed through this, and my verdict is, if you can’t trust her, then break it off. Trust is the foundation of relationships, and if you can’t trust her, then you have nothing and you’re wasting both of your time.

    • It's a little more complicated. Often she planed something in our relationship and haven't done it or to late. About this i can't trust her words anymore. I could only belief in this.

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