Can someone help me?

Ok, I have a question. Back in 2004, I moved in with my dad to get away from my husband because he was verbally abusive... Well my cousin started taking me to this local club and I met this guy and ended up having sex with him after a month of getting to know him and then I got pregnant. My ex husband found out and filed for a divorce so I moved back to my hometown to get things straightened out. The guy from the club was extremely upset because I left him to get my shit straight with my ex and so he met someone and ended up having a child with them and then they got married in 2010 but he says he made a mistake and wants to be with me but doesn't want to see his/my daughter unless he has "visitation documents" and says I shouldn't have prevented him from not being able to see her in the first place. Am I crazy or if that's the case, shouldn't he have filled out the paperwork to get visitation rights in the first place? Or is it he just wants to be with me and doesn't want anything to do with our daughter?

PLEASE HELP! Our relationship never really ended. It kinda just got put on hold.

P. S. His mom even called me a week ago and was like "Why haven't you been talking to my son? He is real upset."


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  • Wow, you cheated? You get what you deserve, if things are bad then just get divorced. Cheating is never ok.

  • don't waste your time with him if he can't man up you don't need him

    • So... why does he keep running back to me? Can you explain that to me from a guy's point of view? Like I'll tell him that I can't talk to him anymore because for (1) it isn't fair to our daughter that I get to talk to him and she doesn't and (2) he is still "unhappily" married to the woman he said he made a mistake on which I see is unfair to her (his wife).

      He keeps making it seem as though I was the one who should have given him visitation rights.

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    • I got you

    • follow me first

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  • Yeah, he should file if it matters that much to him.


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