Should I leave her?

I've been married to my wife for 10 years. We have a child and we both have pretty decent jobs (not that it's really relivent!) I cheated when we first got together. She has recently (last 18 months) sex is once a week lights off same old. She never seems to be happy but says it's just the way she is. She hates contact and affection but I love it. I feel pretty lonely most of the time and she says she still wants to be with me. But although I love her, I feel we are still together for the wrong reasons. I think we could both be happier elsewhere but it breaks my heart to think of another man bringing up my child. What should I do? Is it finished?


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  • Hi read your post and i want you to know that if you dont act fast you might just loose your wife to another man. and i believe you love her so much and never want to see that happen. have been in such experience and you dont have to be slow about this. can you mail me on my email there are suggestion which i will love to share with you which is very helpful ok mccasart @gmail. com i want you to email me now


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  • Talk it out. You'll regret it if you don't. Experience speaking here.


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  • I would talk to her about the way you feel and if things didn't change after a while after talking to her then I would leave

    • I think thats where were at at the moment. The talking has happened if that makes sense

  • talking and being honest can usually solve stuff up. finish it after talking. so talk first.


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