Ex girlfriend messing with my head?

Broke up with me 4 months ago and wanted space. I didn't chase. She started to play games right after the break up. Flirting with guys in front of me, hot and cold, and other stuff I can't even remember.

Her behaviour has been way off recently. She stares at me a lot, always looking at me whenever I talk to any girl. She liked my instagram photo for the first time since the break up but didn't like the one that followed the week after.

One of the weirdest things though, around midnight last night, I got a quick phone call from her. I was partially sleeping and didn't pick it up.

Why is she wanting my attention so bad? what does she want?


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  • Why do you care of what she even wants? She is your EX. Keep her in your past and let her stay there. Block her, delete her out from your social media. Do whatever you got to do to make sure she stays OUT of your life. Otherwise, what bother asking the question? From your reactions, you seem to enjoy the attention also. No offense.

  • Unless she is actively trying to get back with you, she is just looking for attention and is seeing if you are still hung up on her. Everyone wants to feel wanted and everyone wants to know they have options. She wants to see where she is at with you and if you are still into her. It is bait. Do not fall for it. If she truly wants you back, she will contact you and say directly that she wants to meet up as she is the one who ended things.


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