What does she really want?

So I have been dating a girl for two and half years and it was all good. We had lots of fun, Hangouts, chills and lot more.
But then I left the school we used to study in and moved to another highschool. Then we started talking online and recently she mails me that she don't want to keep up and puts an end to our relationship , and reason she gives is that she wants to first make her dream of being successful come true so at first I request her to stay but then she refused and I let her go.
After a week or two a friend of mine who is her classmate calls me up and says that she is missing me a lot so we again chat for a day or two.
Now she again puts an end to our relationship and guess what the reason is "I should be loved by someone who is concerned about me not a girl like her."
Now the question in my mind is whats going on in her mind she breaks up , patches up , and again breaks up.
Just needed your opinions about her is she worth for me or not?


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  • She wants more attention than whatb you're giving to her. She needs to be babysit cause as soon you aren't close to her she's gone. Get her in your same plan to stay strong or you keep you distance from her cause Hell Is about to break loose.

    • Thanks man

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    • Thanks dude you owe me a lot

    • I owe you, you mean you owe me. Jajaja don't trip this life can only be survive and enjoyed at its fullest by listening and learning not to fuck shit up over and over

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