Will he come back?

He broke up with me, but says he still loves me a lot. He said he'll always love me (twice) after breaking up. We were friends for a bit, then he just said he wanted a break. Then, he said it's over. He said we're done (after saying he wanted a break). He said he would always love me, and that's what makes me mad. Also, when we said our goodbyes he messaged me stuff like "can we stop now?" Twice even after I said goodbye. He hasn't been messaging me lately. Are these signs he'll come back, or not?


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  • Not really. Mostly it could be just him being polite.

    • Breaking up with me causes the same pain, why would he lie about everything else?

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    • You're wrong. You don't even know me or him or the relationship. I'm done. Bye

  • Acts speak louder than words.


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