Does my ex still want me?

My ex and I broke up a week ago but he insists that he still wants to be my friend and be around my son.. He is not his biological father and we've been together for 4 months. He says he loves my son. Should i Iet him keep being around him? Should I keep being his friend because it's killing me


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  • there are missing pieces
    what happened?

    • He broke up with me because he said he doesn't trust me.. I may have done things to enhance his mistrust but he wants to stay just friends.. I can't be around him as a friend

    • he loves your child, breaks up with u and he doesn't trust you? that doesn't make any sense.
      putting the baby in the first place to be a link between you guys to deal with an unclear relationship is not good.

      your son's safety first.

  • I guess the separation went from you? And there was a reason for this. He feels different to you. What if you stay together, but you find someone else and he does not want that? And what about the child, if your ex disappears? Create clear conditions

    • I should for the sake of my son well being

    • I say this from my own experience. Be there for your child. It needs stability and safety. If you are not sure about your ex, this also brings uncertainty to your child. I know how hard it is to bring that together as mother with a child.

    • I'm not sure about my ex.. I'm not even sure why he's still here.. He'll be shattered though when I tell him to leave

  • Go ahead if this guy likes your son and doesn't ignore him then it's a good thing


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