My boyfriend often brings up his ex girlfriend?

I've been with my boyfriend for three months now and I know that's not very long but he makes me feel like he doesn't really care for me because he is often bringing up his ex girlfriend. Its just random stories about things they did in the past or places they had sex. I find it really weird and it makes me uncomfortable. It makes me feel like she is always on his mind and he would rather be with her. I have ex boyfriends and I never bring them up even when I almost say something about them , I stop. Do you think I'm overreacting and its just part of the story to him or do you think he still has feelings for her so he needs to bring her up every chance he can get.


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  • Guys who often bring up their ex's, aren't over them.

    • I agree. Also if he is bringing her up and you two are in a relationship then he is not giving you any respect as he is just blabbering about sexual conquests and lament stories that have nothing to do with you. What's the fun in that? It just makes you uncomfortable, get rid of him because this will just hurt you more in the future when he does something with his ex.

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