Why does my ex boyfriend have recent pics of me on his phone?

So, my ex and I broke up a good 8-9months ago and recently started hanging out again... He has SO many pictures of me since we started hanging out again and I'm not sure why? He says he doesn't want anything but friendship, but this makes me think otherwise...

Its recent pictures of me after we broke up... He has ALL the old ones and he has taken a pic of me every time we hang out since we've been "friends" again.


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  • Maybe he didn't clear out his phone. I still have a sh*t load of pictures of my exes, just that I can handle forgetting about them... Enough so not to go out of my way and delete "my" photos of them, because I do get reminded of some good memories. A ton of my exes do the same, some even told me that they make them feel better/ less insecure. Most of them sexual.. :O

    Don't flatter yourself with photos, because my exes do the same and it shows that he did like you. But that doesn't necessarily mean that he isn't already over you.

    • Then he is having trouble getting over you. Nothing you can do about that but keep on saying you guys are friends. Talking about might prove awkward.... Unless you want to potentially end a friendship with him, don't worry about it so much. If it really annoys you, then confront him about it.

    • Its not that I don't want him to have pictures of me... I'm still in love with him, so maybe my question should be does he have feelings for me as well? Is there something behind the fact of him having so many pictures of me?

    • I wasn't talking about just photos. I was talking about him getting over you. If he has pictures of you recently, it can mean that he likes to look at pictures of you in his spare time. To either just look at you or to get some kind of memory of the good times you had or I suppose you had...

      In the case that you are still in love with him... Then you should change your question. Why did the break up end and who ended it?

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