Ex-Girlfriend help?

Talked to this girl throughout high school as friends since she was taken. Then she became single and we talked for a month or so. Everyone assumed we were a thing, then we did become a thing. Lasted a week. She claims she was still in love with her first love. But we still talk daily and can still laugh together. Inside it hurts me to talk to anyone else since there was something special about her that I've never felt with anyone else. Like I could be my total self in front of her and her family without even thinking of what they would think. I just want to bring it up to her like what happened? Could we try again or something but I don't know how to bring it up. It just hurts so much at time. I was with her all last night with friends. Came home, fell asleep, and apparently dreamed of her. It was a dream we were on a road trip. Some reason we were on a bench and I was extremely tired and fell asleep in her lap holding her hand which was when I woke up crying. For something so short I just don't understand how I got so attached. How do I bring up the relationship stuff up to her? I'm just lost on what to say or do besides being friends with her and staying off that topic.


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  • You are young. Just let things run their course.. be there for her but dont dedicate your life to trying or you will miss happiness when it stops by. If it's meant to be it will happen but history tells it will not.

  • Tough spot to be in. If her heart is already taken, all you'll do is waste a bunch of time and further bury yourself into the friendzone with her. People want what they can't have. Make yourself no longer available to her and she may start to want you. If she truly loves this other guy, she won't care about losing you. If there is any chance she wants you, she will show some interest or concern why you don't talk to her. This is when you tell her you have feelings for her, but you are not interested in being her pal. If she wants to date, then great. If not, you're a ghost.

    • The guy she loved just left her life. Literally moved way down state back to his parents for some odd reason. I've tried talking to others and I just can't. Even people that I have tried having a relationship a year or so ago. Just doesn't feel right. The only thing that felt right was with her. I just don't know how she feels. Last I knew probably a week ago she told me she doesn't think about him much anymore.

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    • Ok, but what ever you do, don't fall for raising some other dude's kid just to be with her!

    • Yeah. No thanks.

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