Was this bs or sincere?

Spent 2 days with a guy and then another 3 days. He lives far. We had a great time. He was contemplating long distance with me and sent me this

"I thought about this for a while. The truth is I am too trepidatious to start a relationship with someone who lives so far away. I'll be perfectly honest too when I say that I won't be faithful to you. I'm not saying I'll be out trying to meet anyone, but if something came up, especially after a couple drinks I don't know that I'll be able to say no like someone in a relationship should. I'm a shitty boyfriend anyway, I am selfish, stubborn and don't compromise well. I would just end up frustrating you and you'll eventually just start spiting me because of it. I'm not saying I never want to see you again or anything like that, I'm just not looking to start a relationship. And that is the absolute truth, you at least deserve that. "

Is it bullshit or sincere? Did he like me?
Was this bs or sincere?
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