My Ex broke up with me, 2 months later she messages me... why and what does she want? HELP?

ok so recently my ex broke up with me and recently 2 days ago she mesaged me on twitter and this
"Hey, how are you? Just wanted to ask if you still had those pics that was taken inside of Patrick Henry?" this is what she said now i was angry at first that she even contacted me asking me for more from me. I've done a lot for her taking her out always paid for everything and we dated for almost 2 years. and in that time she never got me a Christmas gift, she forgot my birthday and didn't get me anything. but mainly my question is WHY did she message me 2 months later asking this like why do this when you left me and just ask me to do something else for you? should i send the pictrues to her THAT i took for her college school ID those were the pictures she asking about i took for her smh or just continute to ignore it
ladies help please


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  • Maybe she really wants only pics.

    • she's been continute texting everday since then and she asked me if we will ever get back to hanging out again O. o

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  • She's fucking with your head she doesn't want anything she's playing you block the bitch

    • what makes you say that?

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    • Cause she's a cunt trying to play with your head they all do it their boring lame sluts with nothing better to do think with all the games they play and time they waste they'd be out getting paid to be hoes but no...

    • should i send them to her and see what she say i gott feeling if i do that i either one get a reply or she just gonna take the pics and bounce

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