Is there something going on between him and his ex?

My boyfriend posted an image of his dog the other day and his ex wrote something like “I adore him”

Then he deletes in a few days later. I kind of have mixed feelings about his relationship and her. I just don’t know where they stand. On top of that they still like everY. Single. Picture of each other

Can someone explain this? I don’t know who broke up with who, but we did meet up right after their break up. There wasn’t really a break between.


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  • Just grab by his neck and push him to the wall and open widely your eyes and say : "Listen bitch I'm not ready for any bullshit from you two and if that will affect me at some point I swear to god I will cut your dick into pieces and mix them into the blender right in front of your fucking eyes so better be straight with me motherfucka"


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  • How long have they been broken up? 9/10... they’re still at least talking whether it’s friends or more. Doesn’t seem like a good situation to be in because you will get hurt in the end


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  • maybe you were a rebound? im sorry, but in any way be straight forward about it, or else you'll live life with doubts and what ifs

  • you might be caught in the rebound between them two.


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