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If your now ex kept telling you that she wanted to come back, would you take her back? Specially if she cheated twice and left only to take a vacation with the second man? During the time she was gone, she got a restraining order and caused so much drama. Now things are going south with the married man twice her age and she claims she wants you back. What do you do?


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  • I stopped at "cheated twice" and immediately said no. The rest of that makes me question your sanity.

    • My sanity is just fine. She's been blocked on social media and my number has been changed.

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    • 10 years isn't too bad. 20 is definitely pushing it, especially for someone who doesn't seem to have her life in check. But thanks lol

    • He just has a thing for 20 yr olds. She's just to stupid to see that. He cheated on his first wife after 10 years of marrage, with his current wife who was 23 at the time. Now after 12 years of marriage with wife #2, he cheated on her with my ex. Her karma is coming, he'll keep cheating. She's just his new young toy. Lol

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  • Haha dude, are you retarded? Read your post and think for a couple of seconds.

    Tldr: yeah I'd take her back in a heartbeat


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  • Why the fuck you take that bitch back after she cheated the first time? Tell her to play in traffic


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