How to break up with a needy, emotional boyfriend that would not let me do it the first time I tried?

Ok guys, need your help and I'll try and keep it simple. Basically, I've been in a relationship for around five months with a great guy. At first it was cute and intense and I admit that liked the attention.

But things started changing pretty fast and although he keeps being a nice guy, we've had problems regarding his anger issues, when he feels a bit of rejection or drinks too much alcohol he completely turns into another guy, sulky, moody and won't even look at me in the eye. He is VERY demanding and clingy on what I should be doing for him or demonstrating on an emotional level and refers to me as very cold hearted, nothing was ever enough. He wants to get married and have kids and I want to work on my career as a priority. We are very different people.

I tried to help but at one point became so suffocated that I tried calmly but firmly to break up. He literally got on his knees and started crying and crying, begging for another chance. I have a lot of affection for him, he is an incredible guy, but it's too much. So after the chance that I gave him, he made another big scandal and I've HAD it. PLEASE help me to leave this break up convo the best way possible. I want to end it without being excessively cold because that breaks him down. Cheers!


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  • You don't need his permission

    • I know! but he starts crying and hugging and begging and last time it broke my heart. I'm aware that I'll be stronger this time but I don't want to give in this time!

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