Why would she just ignore me?

A few years ago my girlfriend broke up with me and never told me why. As I completed my last year of high school, she talked me around school and at my work. I was young and stupid and didn't handle the situation right.
I reconnected with a mutual friend and she told me what actually happened. My ex thought I was lying about a group of girls at school and I was doing something with them. It was a lie.

So I messaged her on Instagram and after two weeks, I saw she hadn't 'seen' it and I sent her a message in Twitter saying I had sent her a message on Instagram and I wanted her to read it. After a week, she had posted a lot and I knew she just ignored it. I deleted the message on Twitter and just let it be...

This is what I sent her:

Hey, sorry to bug you, but I sent a message to you on Facebook trying to apologize for what happened when we were in high school. I'm sorry I lied to you, and I'm sorry for all the stupid things I did. I can't say I was young and dumb, because I knew how dumb I was. I should have never asked you out when I didn't have a phone and had the restrictions from my parents. I handled everything between us in high school wrong, and I deeply apologize. I don't mean to pester or annoy you, like I Have In the past, but I just felt like I needed to apologize, I know it may not mean much. But I'm sorry.

Why would she stalk me, but when I tried to at least apologise, she couldn't bother to read it?


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  • She is not worth the time. Most girls that would be all she wanted but she has obviously moved on and does not have the decency to even look at your message


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