Could my brother be the reason for me and my girlfriend's break-up??

So during my relationship there have been times where I left my phone at my brothers (really is my best friend) house and so I told him to either cover for me, act like me, and say what I would say to her or just tell her that I would text her later. So I went to go get my phone and next thing I know she wants to break up with me and is saying that we are not connecting and it's not me it's just that she's not ready for a boyfriend. And so for days I wondered why and what happened and then I remembered that my brother had my phone and so I searched up what he said on the Internet and he told her things about my past that I didn't want her to know... So I'm just wondering what happened. Is that the reason of why she might of broken up with me?


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  • first off this made me laugh a bit sorry ...

    Um I would say him telling her your past might of done something, like you could try talking to her in a bit and explain it was not you, and you forgot your phone, and stuff like that, maybe tell her you were asleep or something and he used your phone ... did you ask him why he said that stuff?

    But to really find out why is go and talk to her and find out in person. Seeing your phone might of gotten you enough trouble lol

    • That's true thx... He said he said that stuff cause he said he wanted to know how far she would go for me which is not the greatest answer

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    • Ooooh I understand

    • Yeah over the years she has screwed my life up so much, Like It took me 4 years to finally tell her to go f*** herself and my life has been great! Lol

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  • You could have emailed her, called her mobile from home, IM'd her, messaged her on facebook etc. You were just lazy. You didn't want to deal with her, when there was other ways you could have even if you forgot your phone. She would have broken up with you as soon as she found out it wasn't you anyway, so what do you expect.

    • First she doesn't have facebook or MySpace pr anythig like that it wouldbe nice but her parents are controlling. Second I'm not always a home so it's not as easy to get to the home phone or anything in fact I'm farley at home. And lastly yeah I could have seen her by when a guy has a girlfriend that works for her godfather and always has her parents waiting in front it gets kinda hard to do

  • First off, why would you ask your brother to cover for you? It sounds like you aren't ready for a relationship if that's the case.

    • Well first he's my brother I could literally trust him with everything and I could go to him for nearly anything and second she's was one of those girls that if you didn't answer within a while she would et really mad and even maybe break up with you and I just didn't want to risk anything and lose her because she would think I'd be ignoring her

  • No. Your relationship was pretty much doomed the moment you first handed your cell phone over to your brother.


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