My girlfriend that I give my all too she lies to me and cheated me?

I got a car for my girlfriend on fineance in my name witch she made the repayments for the car but now she dumped me for someone else now I got the car back now she asking for it back coz she payed for it she saying she wants her money back what she payed so far but she still owns money on the loan then she wants to still make payments for the car through me witch she not with me so what is the fair thing to do about it?


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  • Tell her to get lost. You do not owe her money for the payments on the car. Also since it's in your name she can't do anything about it. Tell her if she wants the car she she has to pay off the entire loan.
    Never ever do that again. Never buy a woman expensive gifts of anything like that.

  • Dude, you just need to make a decision and stick with it. Be congruent with your words.

  • The car is in your name. Fuck her! You don't owe her shit!


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