Is he cheating or just f***ed up?

OK so most of this is probably more into the "too much information" set or "its just what guys do" I'm sorry but none of my ex's have ever done this sh*t... so to me its not just a guy thing its sick and I need real advice...

So the other night I went into the bathroom to get ready for bed after my boyfriend ran off to work. He'd had like 3 showers today already which is weird... but in the toilet it was filled with pubic hair. He's never shaved before unless I've directly asked him too.. and I know he didn't do it for me because I'm on my period... so we're not having sex right now... he's been hiding his phone from me but will go through mine. changed his facebook password but still goes on mine...

I got this really unnerved feeling in my gut so I checked out his email... funny enough there were almost over 40 messages from 3 different sites, saying women wanted to f*** him and meet him, they were adult sites for like meeting people for random sex.

I checked the profiles out he'd only been a member for a week... just like the last time I saw he was on things like adultfriendfinder and plentyoffish, same thing with them, only a member a week before I saw the messages. I asked him about them before he said that he was on them years before we met. which is an obvious lie...

He said he'd never been on those sites and has no idea where they came from, he's subscribes to p*rn sites and its disgusting... personally. Ya some guys look at p*rn I get that but to full out subscribe to that stuff and to make accounts claiming your single and just want a random sex partner for a few nights a week... yeah that was on the profiles too that he is single 25 and wants a girl who will try new things and doesn't mind a "cheater" he's 21, been with me for a year almost now... and constantly talks about marriage not to mention gets annoyed when I want sex "too much"

Is he looking to cheat because this hurts... ya looking at his emails is wrong but he checks out everything of mine... this hurts its like a betrayal almost what's going on I ask him and he says he never joined those sites and he thinks their disgusting but then why would ... I don't understand I'm so hurt right now please someone help me.

He is now claiming that when he was went on a p*rn site that the sites "made" an account of these sex dating sites he didn't do it himself... he said he would never have the time to do it because he's either at work "with me" or "with his friend shawn"


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  • I have went through almost the exact same situation you're in. Unfortunately, I was already married whenever I found these sites. So here is my advice to you, if you have not done anything about this yet.

    Look up key loggers online. They will log every key stroke on the computer. And if you find a really good one, it will save all e-mails, IMs, webpages, and some even take screen shots. They all cost money, but most of them have a free trial period, which is long enough to catch him if he's doing anything unsavory.

    Of course, if he has a computer elsewhere that he is using to look at these sites, that could be a lot trickier.

    Also, yes, some p*rn websites will automatically create a profile for you, BUT, they will not fill out the profile information. So, from the looks of it, if his profile says all that, then he obviously put in the information himself.

    Best advice is don't let him know that you are suspicious because if he is a good liar then he'll just find a way out of this. And have time to delete all of the evidence. As long as he thinks you are unsuspecting, he is less likely to try and cover his tracks.

    And yeah, I know that snooping through e-mail and sh*t is wrong. But, honestly, you have a right to know. Especially if you're thinking about marriage. If I had known half the stuff I knew now about my husband BEFORE I married him... well... things would be different.


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  • bye bye bastard. Without a doubt he's cheating, lying and manipulating. Just don't end up with a kid of his like I did (not his, but one of his cheating, lying, manipulating brethren). Ditch him and punish him. He'll be crushing women 'til the day he dies.

  • :(

  • he's cheating. dump the bastard.

  • I think he is cheating. You need to leave him.


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