What to do when you regret?

Regrets are awful especially when it comes to people you care about. I broke up a short-term relationship and also my first relationship 10 months ago and we tried to remain friends for two months, but then he decided to cut me out of his life and I respected his decision. He just got back with his ex girlfriend and according to what one of his friends said " he doesn't want to keep me in his life because he doesn't want to remind himself of our time together and what could've been if the timing was right ". I broke up because my feelings were fading away each day and since we were 3 months together that's a very short time for me to start losing them. And back then I thought that my feelings for him, will be lost if we continue being together since nothing changed even though he knew I had second thoughts. But, I was completely wrong. I still have feelings for him, he's still on my mind. I had one more relationship after him. It lasted for 5 months and I couldn't give myself completely because my feelings were present but pushed deep down. Apparently, I was lying to myself that I'm okay and that I made the right decision. This guy, cheated on me so we're not together anymore and now when I'm single, all I do is think about my previous ex and how stupid I was to make a mistake and break up. I know that if I contact my ex and explain everything, I will probably get rejected because 1. He's still with his girlfriend, as far as I know, 2. He cut me out of his life to move on and after 8 months he probably did and 3. I had a chance to say what's on my mind while we were trying to remain friends and I hadn't done anything because I was a mess and now, he has every right to just walk away no matter how sorry I am and no matter how much I want things to be different. So, what do you guys think I or any person who regrets and feels awful about it, should do when chances to make things right are close to impossible?


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  • Life don't end by ending relationships , don't think about it. u can

    • Easier said than done. I might move on and be with guys and develop stronger feelings for them but what if I always end up thinking about him. For the rest of my life, what then?

    • It wouldn't happens don't be afraid for this just keep going , do anything you love , meet new people you will find someone who will restore your beauty in your heart.

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  • Best to just come to terms and don't think about it anymore


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