Boyfriend is ignoring and avoiding me. What should I do?

My boyfriend got mad at me for not being there for him in his “time of need”. He was sick and said he was spending the night with a family member. His mom was there & doesn’t approve of our relationship so when I asked to come over to check on him, he said no. At the time he said he felt better and was having lunch with her. I mentioned how I wanted to see a movie that night (possibly with friends) and he went ballistic. He said to never contact him again and goodbye for the last time. That was over a week ago. I’ve tried contacting him of course. He blocked my number and Snapchat. After 4 days, he unblocked me. This is like the 6th fight of our 5 month relationship. He gets mad easily and always blames me. One day I waited for him outside of his house and when he saw me, he drove away. I asked for my stuff back (to see what he would do/say) and he packed my things and put them in the kitchen. I know this because I have a key to his home and saw this for myself. He never told me to come get my things and I never took them.

Is the relationship over? What should I do?


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  • His just being a baby... if he loves you he will come to you... just chill enjoy


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  • Ask him. My past boyfriend did this twice and when I asked him whats going on he told me he wanted to break up. Dont let it get too out of hand like I did

    • I asked. He refuses to respond

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    • Say there's poor communication.

    • I don’t get him. I can be angry at him but still want to talk it over no matter what. I’ll consider it though

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  • Ignore him and talk with other boys


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  • Yeah, it sounds like it is over. He has actually been pretty clear about it. Just retrieve your things (if you don't have them yet) and give back the key.


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