Ex-gf is trying for my attention again. Why?

Breaks it off several months ago. played mind games and flirted with other guys in front of me, always hot and cold, and the list goes on and on!

Lately, her behavior has been way more bizarre. Rather than trying to hurt me emotionally, it seems as if she's trying to grab my attention to talk to her. I do see her a lot because we go to the same gym.

I talk to this female friend at the gym, she would always stare so hard. If she walks by that same friend, she would give dirty looks. If that friend laughs at something goofy that I do, my ex and her girlfriend have been caught whispering to each other while staring at my friend.

Several weeks ago, I posted on instagram and for the first time since our break up she 'Liked' it.

What's more bizarre was a few days ago, around midnight, my phone rang twice and it was her. Was this phone call intentional?

give me your thoughts on this?
Ex-gf is trying for my attention again. Why?
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