He says he wants me back, but is inconsistent?

He's my ex first of all, he broke up with me nearly two months ago and ever since has been contacting me telling me he regrets it, misses me, loves me, wants me back. I've been careful about it, the break up was out of nowhere and hurt me, I didn't want to get hurt again so I was unsure about him. I nearly gave him a chance a few weeks ago but he seemed to be inconsistent so I never mentioned it.

A week ago he asked if we could even just be friends for a while then, I said no. But I contacted him a few days later to say I'm sorry for being harsh and agreed to talk and see how we go as I realised he's been trying to get me back for weeks. We had been doing great for a few days, I want to add he's training for a military and lives an hour away anyway so this makes seeing each other harder so texting, calling, etc is needed. But then he will just not contact me for days on end, he asked to be with me again, I told him to ask me in person and he said he will, and that we will last a lifetime this time. And since then, nothing for three days. It's just not consistent, it's not like he doesn't come online. And if I don't respond for more than 20 minutes and he sees I'm online he starts calling me constantly until I answer or text back? What is going on?


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  • He doesn't want you back


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