What's it gonna take for me to get over him?

I dated a guy from August last year 'til June this year, on & off. We'd go through periods of time where we didn't talk, because he's a douche bag like that. He'd randomly stop talking for me for like a week because he was "too busy"... He eventually stopped doing that the last 4 months we were talking. He told me that he loved me and couldn't wait to marry me & all this sh*t. He stopped talking to me in June, and I haven't heard from him since. I know I sound like a creeper, but there's always some girl talking to him on Facebook & the way I see it, they're "talking" now or whatever. I just don't understand why he would do this... I fell so hard for him, and still think about him every second of the day because I don't have any closure. And until I get closure, I'll never get over him. I really wanna text him and say something, but I'm almost positive that he wouldn't text me back. I don't know what to do... Someone please help! :[


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  • Sounds like you're still pretty upset at how he treated you. And I would be too. First off, try to remove him or block him on FB. And delete his contact info. Eventually you will get over him even if you don't get closure. I've been there. What is it that you need to hear from him to get closure?

  • So you're saying that he just stopped talking to you randomly and that's how you knew it was over? But aside from that, I can understand how you want closure and answers on why the way things ended like it did. But...I honestly wouldn't break my back for him. It sounds like it's just not worth it. I've been in a situation similar to yours. One day everything was fine and the usual exchange of the I love you's and cute messages. The next day it's a break up. Things like this happen. You just have to find your inner strength to move on and be happy. I still to this day don't have any closure. But I'm moving on.


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