I can't stop thinking about my ex?

So I broke up with him during last winter break (2016) and I told him it was because I was busy with school and basketball, and really stressed. I told him I felt like I couldn't be a good girlfriend.
As for background about our relationship. He was sweet with words, he was nice and cute but he swore his mom was too strict so we couldn't go on dates. We went to homecoming together though. He was sweet but he was a year younger so there was some maturity differences. Like I was really dedicated to school and basketball but he cheated in school and slacked on the basketball court.
Anyway. After I broke up with him he swore he'd wait but ended up dating one girl a few weeks after he'd told me still loved me and another a few weeks after her.
Lately. I can't stop thinking about him. I look for him in the hallways at school even tho we haven't talked since the last school year ended (we don't have classes together anymore). I can't stop wondering if I should text him and tell him that I want him back even though I KNOW I can do better. What are my emotions doing? How do I stop thinking about him? Literally last night I cried over him listening to a song. What's going on with me and how do I stop?


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  • Oh god highschool relatoonships.
    My advice to you youngin is forget about him get your focus back to school and wait till your out of highschool if you really want a mature relationship.


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