What should I do? Ex problem?


Okay so 2 weeks ago me and my ex decided to have a break. It was mutual. Would have been fine but we talked and go into a fight about the break in the break. Stupid I know. Anyway. We met up today to see what we should do, and at first. My ex told me he didn’t love me anymore because he was so angry after the fight.
Anyway. We hung out for a few hours, and just before he decided he wanted to keep talking and maybe give it another chance, maybe fall in love again but he still wasn’t sure or anything. Because obviously we’re still sexually attracted to each other.

Anyway. Just as we were saying goodbye, he told me to go otherwise he would do something he regretted. Like kiss me or something. And I asked him saying. But I thought you didn’t love me anymore? Because regardless if you think someone is attractive or not you don’t want to kiss them...
And he said. I was pretty sure I didn’t.
And then we agreed to text. And see we’re that takes us.

I want to know.

What the hell is going on.
What can I even expect to happen?
What should I do? Ex problem?
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