Guy (A) hates Guy (B) but Guy (B) doesn't hate guy (A) are they both enemies or how does this work?

Guy (B) understands that guy (A) FEELS like guy B is his enemy or he'd say, 'we are enemies,' yet Guy (B) is not bothered at all about how guy (A) thinks about him it's more like guy (B) is a person who doesn't know guy (A) too well, they fist fight, guy (B) apologized, yet guy (A) declined. Simple right...

So basically guy B says, "he's not my enemy lol"
Guy A has a problem with guy B but B tried to fix the problem and I'm in the middle of it but I'm trying to figure out this situation.


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  • Tell guy b that guy a hates him so he understands how guy a feels about him. Enemies is kind of childish but if guy b is oblivious then tell him to not fuck with guy a anymore.

    • Guy B already knows how's guy A feels but he's not fazed about it

    • Well then just tell guy b he is walking a fine line if he keeps talking to guy a. This is so complicated smh

    • Guy A always mentions guy B
      Guy B stopped caring way before; guy B feels guy A is immature. Thank you

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