My boyfriend made this comment what would you do?

So awhile back when my boyfriend and I had broken up he had got with some girl.. my boyfriend and my bff all worked together however my bff whom I thought I could trust seemed to be flirting with my boyfriend she would hit his private parts and start laughing and just seem flirtatious and she was married. Turns out she tried to make my boyfriend and I against each other and she told him lies like I was cheating on him which isn't true. Eventually things got sorted out we got back together and we no longer talk to what I thought was my bff. However at times my boyfriend when he's angry he knows how to push my buttons and recently he said he was done with me I didn't respond than later on he messaged me "what's her # again" which is my ex bff like he did it because he knew I wasn't responding and did it to get a rise out of me.. I still didn't respond. Is he just upset or should I leave him for being such a jerk about it?


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  • You should be an adult and have a conversation

    • A conversation about what him possibly cheating why he does what he does? He admitted to me before he says stupid things to just get me upset but im not thinking if it's even worth staying with him

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