Girls please help?

OK I need help I'm married have 2 great kids 4 and 6 my wife doesn't want to make love to me any more we never kiss and cuddle. And we fall out a lot now what shod I do for the best. Any thoughts


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  • Maybe try showing you love and care for her in small ways, instead of going straight for the physical every time.

    Help with the kids, or do the dishes. Pick her some flowers, and put them in a vase on her nightstand.

    • I really do I do presents dinners out you name it I've tried it the funny thing is it's like I'm the girl in the marrage as when we do have sex she the one who goes to sleep or gets up I'm the one who wants it to last

What Guys Said 1

  • Cheat. Showing her that you can get other women will make her pussy wet


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