Am I wrong for feeling so broken?

My boyfriend told me he loved me and said we was in PA to spend time with his mom. And I suspected him of cheating so I made a fake Facebook and he told it that he was single and looking for females and then he put he was in a relationship while having me as his Facebook friend. He never even broke up with me he just acted like I didn’t exist he completely disrespected me and when my sister texted him he told her to leave him alone... and his cousin said I should find another man and leave her cousin alone I’m crazy... was this at all anyone of my fault?


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  • You really shouldn't put up with that, but I don't know if you should feel "broken" about it. He shouldn't have so much control over your emotions, considering he's so uninvested that he would toss you to the side like that. Just know that it wasn't your fault and he's the one who made the bad choices.

    • I feel broken because I was already scared to give me heart but he knew that and he still played me

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  • This is not your fault, because he is making his own decisions. It sucks, but I agree with his cousin - you should find a man who doesn't lie about being with you. If he hasn't cheated already, he likely will in the future. You deserve to be treated with respect.

    • She took his side she thinks I drove him away

    • Well, you know the truth, right? Anyway, you do not deserve a guy who lies about his relationship status, and who admits to look for other girls.

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  • Don't feel broken, feel free. Free from someone who won't even discuss his problems with you, and doesn't have the decency to tell you he no longer thinks of himself as in a relationship with you. Go out and find a better man, and show him he doesn't matter any more.

  • Doesn't sound like you did anything wrong. Does sound like he did.

  • no it wasn't

    • Why would he do that to me?

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    • Did I do anything to make him not appreciate me? He said he wanted to marry me and he comes from a rough life he wants love and a child and I feel stupid for believing him

    • no you didn't

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