Ex girlfriend wants my attention. Why?

My ex played a lot of mind games when she broke up with me. Said she needed space. It hurt my feelings a lot. We do see each other a lot as we do go to the same gym. Other people noticed her mind games too.

Her actions have been questionable the past few weeks. She stares at me a lot whenever I talk to any girl, particularly my female friend. On top of that, she gives my female friend really dirty looks. Friends have caught her just staring at me all the time.

I always do this class at the gym, and one day she ends up doing it which is more than bizarre. Friends think that it was intentional but I dont want to read into that one.

After our break up, she has never liked any of my instagram post. Although last week, she did like one which I found bizarre.

This past Saturday around Midnight, I got facetime video call from her. It rang twice then hung up.

I feel like all this is intentional to grab my attention. Why?

Give me your thoughts?


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What Girls Said 1

  • Well why did y’all break up? That kinda determines why she’s doing the things she’s doing now. For instance, if you hurt her or something, maybe she didn’t really want to breakup. Maybe she’s just not fully mature yet to deal with her emotions towards you properly. If things were fine and she just broke up with you, 9/10... she’s just a game player and immature. She obviously wants your attention. That’s obvious.


What Guys Said 1

  • Jealous girl she's now wanting you back lolz


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