Why don't I last long in relationships like others do?

Every time I go out with someone, they always end up being cheaters..i found out that I like the bad boy type..but they always end up breaking my heart..the most I've lasted with some would be13 days no more than that..i feel like I will never find the guy I could stay with for at least a month, I want to know the feeling of it and if its easy or hard to stay with someone that long


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  • Well. I use to be in your situation & I have a friend in somewhat of the same situation. I use to always fall for the guys who either were using me, or cheated on me. It sucks, I know the feeling, & when that happened to me repeatedly I started giving up hope. BUT DONT! I actually have been in a relationship now for 8 months (today!). The most faithful & trustworthy relationship. I stopped looking for guys & just lived my life. That's how I ended up in this relationship- I wasn't focusing on how hot the guys were! or anything! I just will say, focus on yourself right now! yes, you can still hang out with guys-fall for their personality- not just there looks. Someone who will treat you right!

    hope this helped. if you need any more help let me know


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