Guys, what does it mean if my ex views & replies to (EVERY) one of my Snapchat stories? While we were dating he probably watched one a week?

My ex broke up with me three weeks ago. After a week, we talked and I asked if we could be friends. He said he doesn't feel comfortable being friends or talking occasionally, so I moved on. We don't follow eachother on any social media other than Snapchat. He has viewed and chat replied to EVERY story that I have posted this week. (I haven't been in any of them, I post about what I'm doing, what I'm eating, boring stuff) and he will reply talking about the food, the show I'm watching, that kind of stuff. I'm so confused about what his intentions are if he broke up with me & told me he doesn't feel comfortable talking or being friends...


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  • Asking for attention. Snapchat has a setting where you can block certain people from viewing your story (i think). Best is to block him and he will get the message

    • πŸ‘†πŸΌπŸ‘†πŸΌ if he's blocked he won't get the message lolol

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    • Okay so from that standpoint, is it more beneficial to reply to his stupid questions about my lunch, what I'm currently binge watching, that sort of stuff or just open & ignore the snapchats?

    • Just view them and ignore them. He will see that you seen them and didn't reply. That just sends him the message that you just don't care to reply back to what he says. Then eventually he will lose interest and not care himself.

  • He likes you and probably regrets breaking up with u. Give him another shot. Answer my question please


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